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Featuring information for the heart of the Southern Illinois Tourism Region located in Western Southern Illinois and the Southern Illinois Ozarks

Come Explore Southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest

Southern Illinois Features the best and most diverse attractions in the state. With so much natural beauty and unique places to visit, be sure to make Southern Illinois the destination for your next getaway.

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Spend the day touring the many Southern Illinois Wineries along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Explore the Shawnee National Forest and the many lakes in the region. Visit many unique shops and eateries. Relax in a private cabin or at a bed and breakfast. Experience the unspoiled nature and hospitality of the region. Learn to rock climb with experienced trainers, take a scenic drive, go horseback riding, view rock formations from 10,000 years ago, rent a boat and enjoy a day on the lake, enjoy unique shopping and antiquing, dine at one of a many unique area restaurants, rent a kayak....There is so much to enjoy in Southern Illinios! Please visitmakanda.com

Canoe the Cache River Giant City State Park

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Fall in love with Southern Illinois. We look forward to having you as guests!



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