A Bike Rally and a Depot

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke


Located along Historic Mainstreet in downtown Murphysboro, there is no doubt the Old Depot has endured. Built in 1888 and surviving the tornado of 1925, the depot was the Mobile and Ohio Railroad station and the largest line on the Mobile and Ohio line between St. Louis, Missouri, and Cairo. Maintaining service for 90 years it closed in 1977, after which it was a tavern for many years and subsequently fell into disrepair.

Gifted the building in 2019, Murphysboro Mainstreet currently has plans to renovate and restore the building to function as a city Welcome Center, providing information for locals and tourists alike. With lots of work to be done the organization has sought funding from a variety of sources, with their most recent efforts being an upcoming Bike Rally scheduled for September 9, 2023. Attendees have the option to participate in a 20 mile bike rally for $45/cyclist or shorter family rally for $50/family at Riverside Park, with the local police department providing safety tips and avid cyclists providing information on general bike maintenance.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 9am, with same day registration opening at 8am. Attendees are also encouraged to preregister here.

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