Lunch-Spot Views | Kinkaid Spillway

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay Stockhecke A popular swimming spot in the summer, Kinkaid Lake Spillway is a stairstepping waterfall worth visiting any time of year. When the sun is absent, or when he starts to stop by. When the world feels heavy and lightness obsolete. Somehow nature finds a way to quiet it all […]

By the Region | So ILL East + Central + West

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke March 2023 | With seventeen counties overall, depending on who you ask, Southern Illinois is vast and far-reaching. It is a fountain of outdoor activities, art and culture but the enormity of the area can feel daunting and overwhelming for many visitors. Jackson County is one of […]

Pizza + Pomona Natural Bridge | A Day-Date in Jackson County, Illinois

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke March 2023 | Whether you work from home or have an unexpected day off mid-week outings present a unique opportunity to beat the crowds and enjoy specials not available on busier days. We started our day-date stumbling upon the Big Muddy Monster mural located on a building […]

Rainy Days at Stone Fort Trail – Giant City State Park

Deliciously Ordinary – Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke March 2023 | There is this sweet spot nestled between winter and spring where the forest is waking up and you can witness the transition firsthand. The fiddleheads peak through, the varieties of moss become reminiscent of tide pools along the coast, and critters begin to make […]

Waterfalls and Wildflowers at Cove Hollow

Deliciously Ordinary – Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke March 2023 | Located eleven miles south of Murphysboro Main Street, Cove Hollow Trail packs an unexpected punch and a winter hike on the cusp of spring proves to be a great time to visit. We headed out on a sunny 49 -degree day and while we’ve […]