Cornelius Hennessy Building

The Cornelius Hennessy Building is located at 1023 Chestnut Street in Murphysboro, Illinois. Built in 1896 and surviving the 1925 Tornado, it was built in a Richardson Romanesque style.  It’s the only remaining downtown commercial building built from locally quarried Jackson County sandstone before 1900.  The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places […]

LaClede Hotel

The LaClede Hotel, at 102 South 9th Street, was built/expanded around 1908 (original structure from the 1860’s.)  Utilitarian Vernacular Victorian style built with Egyptian bricks.  Only remaining turn of the century hotel of the city’s original six.  This structure is listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark.  ADDRESS 102 South 9th Street

Essick House

The Essick House, a local landmark in Murphysboro, Il.

The Essick House, located at 1517 Oak Street, was built around 1891 in the Queen Anne Vernacular style.  Named for residents John and Olive Essick who cared for children and young adults in need. The building is listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark.  ADDRESS 1517 Oak Street

John R. Kane House

Kane House in Murphysboro, IL.

Built in 1899 Queen Anne Victorian style which originally featured a 3-story turret, balcony and ornate gingerbread. Named for John R. Kane, prominent community member and James C. Blackwood, former MHS Principal and Superintendent.  The building was listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark. ADDRESS 1904 Spruce Street

Stephen’s House

Stephen's House in Murphysboro, IL.

The Stephen’s House, located at 114 South 14th Street, was built around 1896.  With a Queen Anne Victorian style, its resident was prominent Murphysboro Judge Richard J. Stephens.  The building was listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark.  ADDRESS 114 South 14th Street

Jackson County Courthouse

The Jackson County Courthouse, located at 1001 Walnut St. in Murphysboro, is the county courthouse serving Jackson County, Illinois. Built in 1927, the courthouse was the fourth built by the county and the third in Murphysboro. Architect Nelson Strong Spencer designed the courthouse in a mix of the Classical Revival and Beaux-Arts styles (limestone exterior, […]

The Liberty Theater

The Liberty Theater is a historic movie theater located in Murphysboro, Illinois. Built in 1913 as the Tilford Theatre, it was one of five movie theaters in Murphysboro. The theater’s name was changed in 1918 during a wave of patriotism inspired by World War I. In 1938, the Neo Classic style theater was remodeled in […]

Historic Hull House

The William H. Hull House is a historic house located at 1517 Walnut St. in Murphysboro, Illinois. The house was built in 1887 for William H. Hull, a significant local businessman and politician. The house is designed in an asymmetrical Italianate pattern in the Italianate Victorian style. The front facade of the house features a […]

Frew House

Frew House in Murphysboro, IL.

Built in the 1880’s, it was named for resident Phillip N. Frew. He designed Murphysboro’s round house, St. Andrew’s Church, and more. The building was listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark. ADDRESS 1521 Walnut

Hamilton House

“The Hamilton house is one of two remaining carpenter Gothic houses in Jackson County, and is definitely the finer of the two. The completeness of the detailing, as evidenced by the exuberance of the bargeboards, the delicacy of tiny balcony, the porches, hood and brackets, attest to the level of sophistication achieved through pattern books […]