Beautiful Morning in Murphysboro

Mural Youth and Rec Center | Murphysboro | Art Walk

on the south side of the Youth & Rec Center at Carl Lee Park (1818 Walnut Street)  ARTISTS Christine DeShazo · Sue Gindlesparger · Zach Nelson LOCATION GPS – Lat: 37°76483″N    Lon: 89°34335″W DATE  2023 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS  #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL The mural, “Beautiful Morning in Murphysboro,” was […]


Mural | Murphysboro | Jackson County | Art Walk

on the side of 1618 Edith (the Logan Gallery) ARTISTS  Sue Gindlesparger · Darby Ortolano · Luca Cruzat · Cathy Schmidt · Stephanie Dillard · Madeline Steimle LOCATION  GPS – Lat: 37°7625537″N     Lon: 89°3414804″W DATE  2023 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS  #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL “Creativity” is the ninth mural sponsored […]

Remembering The Past – Honoring The Present – Investing In The Future

Mural | Southern Illinois Tourism | Murphysboro

on the side of 1341 Walnut (corner of 14th and Walnut) ARTISTS  Christine DeShazo · Sue Gindlesparger LOCATION  GPS – Lat: 37°7641484″N     Lon: 89°3380938″W DATE 2023 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL The mural’s theme pays homage to education and its importance in Murphysboro. Since 1843, an emphasis on learning […]

Historical Portraits

Portraits | Southern Illinois Tourism

Located at Smysor Plaza and the Daum Building in the Courthouse Square District downtown   Address: south 1100 and 1200 blocks on Walnut Street   HISTORICAL PORTRAITS – COURTHOUSE SQUARE DISTRICT The portraits at Smysor Plaza and at the Daum Building are paintings dedicated to residents who have been critical to the development and betterment […]

The Big Muddy Monster

Located behind 104 N. 14th in the alley in Murphysboro, IL     ARTISTS  Designed by Tony Phillippe  Painted by Christine DeShazo · Lea Heller · Sue Gindlesparger · Phil DeShazo Big Muddy Monster cutout, painting, and support by Tony Phillippe · Bob Chambers · Chi Robinson · Mike Goodridge · Liz Lemond · Cassie […]

General John A. Logan

Located on the northeast corner of 12th and Walnut in Murphysboro, Il.   ARTISTS Christine DeShazo · Joy Kjer · Nancy Bennet · Ava Stuemke · Sue Gindlesparger   GPS – Lat: 37°7644455″N   Lon: 89°335756″W DATE 2022 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966 Murphysboro, Illinois   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL This mural, commissioned by the […]