Big Muddy Film Fest Meet Me

In keeping with this year’s national theme: “Sites of African-American History”
“The burial site is the oldest municipal cemetery for enslaved and free Blacks known to exist in the Richmond area. An 1810 map shows the Negro Burial Ground near Broad Street and Shockoe Creek. Today, the Burial Ground sits adjacent to a parking lot owned by VCU. In fact, there are questions as to whether the Burial Ground lies beneath the parking lot. Activists and other groups have protested what is seen by many as a desecration of sacred ground. This documentary tells the story of community efforts aimed at reclaiming the Burial Ground as the final resting place of their ancestors.”

A FREE documentary film screening followed by
Dawn C. Stricklin, M.A., Ph.D. candidate
“A Single Bracelet Does Not Jingle:
The Struggle to Preserve African Burial Grounds in the United States.”

Presented by the Big Muddy Crew, the Big Muddy Film Festival
and The Center for Inclusive Excellence