Hamilton House

“The Hamilton house is one of two remaining carpenter Gothic houses in Jackson County, and is definitely the finer of the two. The completeness of the detailing, as evidenced by the exuberance of the bargeboards, the delicacy of tiny balcony, the porches, hood and brackets, attest to the level of sophistication achieved through pattern books and executed by carpenters and builders in small, rural Midwestern town such as this in the 1860s. All of these details remain intact on the house, leaving an original and vivid artifact for southern Illinois, and one that is associated with the early growth of Murphysboro, being the first home built in the city’s first addition.

The town of Murphysboro was established in 1843, but grew little until the coal mines brought the town’s first growth in 1865, when the first addition was platted. The Hamilton house was built in this addition by 1867, according to deeds and assessments. The lot was purchased by J.O. Cummings in 1866 and sold to Robert W. Hamilton in 1875, so Cummings was probably the builder. The structure’s value has also been enhanced by its surviving the tornado of 1925 in which 1200 homes were destroyed and countless others were stripped of their character and subsequently modernized.

Robert W, Hamilton, the house’s most prominent occupant, served in the Civil War, was discharged in 1865 and by 1867 was the Postmaster of Carbondale until 1872 when he was sworn in as Circuit Clerk in Jackson County. He held this post until 1880, when he retired.” – National Register Nomination Form

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The building was listed as a Murphysboro Designated Local Landmark.


203 South 13th Street


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