Murphysboro 6th Graders Explore the John A. Logan Museum

The John A. Logan Museum recently opened its doors to a group of enthusiastic 6th graders, offering them a memorable journey through the past. This engaging educational experience is part of a longstanding tradition that has been enchanting students since the early 1990s. The museum, dedicated to the life and legacy of General John A. Logan, provides a unique opportunity for young learners to delve into the rich history of Jackson County and Southern Illinois.

A Step Back in Time

As the students explored the museum grounds, they were immediately transported to the 19th century. The carefully curated exhibits featured relics from this bygone era, giving the children a tangible connection to the past. From intricate artifacts, to military instruction, to well-preserved dwellings, the museum paints a vivid picture of life during General Logan’s time.

Interactive Learning and Fun

The John A. Logan Museum isn’t just about passive observation; it actively involves students in the learning process. During their visit, the 6th graders participated in interactive games that children of the 19th century would have played. These activities provided a hands-on understanding of historical lifestyles, blending education with entertainment seamlessly.

One of the highlights was the opportunity to witness authentic 19th-century dwellings. These structures offered a glimpse into the daily lives of people from the era, sparking curiosity and questions among the young historians. The interactive aspect of the visit ensured that the students remained engaged and absorbed throughout their tour.

Art and Culture on Oak Street

The educational excursion extended beyond the museum grounds to include a visit to the Oak Street Art location. This vibrant art collective within Murphysboro showcases the creative spirit of the community. Here, the students could appreciate contemporary artistic expressions, bridging the gap between historical and modern-day culture. This stop added a colorful dimension to their historical journey, highlighting the importance of art in community identity.

Looking Ahead

As the John A. Logan Museum continues to inspire and educate, plans are already underway for a significant milestone: the 200th birthday celebration of John A. Logan in 2026. This upcoming event promises to be a grand commemoration of Logan’s enduring legacy, with hopes to attract schools from across the entire county.

The recent visit by the 6th graders is a testament to the museum’s dedication to providing an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. Organizers have excelled in creating a program that not only educates but also entertains, leaving a lasting impression on the young minds who visit.

The John A. Logan Museum is excited to announce plans for expansion to accommodate more events and exhibits. This development will enhance educational and community offerings, providing space for larger groups and more interactive displays. To achieve this vision, the museum is launching a fundraising campaign and seeking support from the community. Contributions of any size, as well as volunteer efforts and in-kind donations, are welcome to help make this project a reality. Join us in building a future that honors our past by supporting the museum’s expansion efforts.

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