Shawnee National Forest Announces Annual Snake Road Closure

On March 15, 2013, the Shawnee National Forest will temporarily close LaRue Road #345 (also known as the Snake snake roadRoad) between mile post 3.0 and mile post 5.8.  This section of the road will remain closed until May 15, 2013. The road is closed seasonally for the protection of migrating snakes and amphibians as they migrate from their winter hibernation habitats to their summer swamp habitats. Some of these species have been identified as threatened and endangered by both the state of Illinois and the U.S. Forest Service. By closing the road, this helps to ensure the reptile’s safe crossing during this critical time of migration. This gradual, two-month migration event has attracted people from across the country to witness the rich diversity of reptile and amphibian species along this single stretch of road. For more information about the snake migration and LaRue-Pine Hills Ecological Area, please contact the Shawnee National Forest office in Jonesboro, Illinois at (618) 833-8576.

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