Big Muddy Monster Billboard

Jackson County | Murphysboro

Located by the McDonalds at the corner of Route 13 and Highway 127.   ARTISTS  Painted by Christine DeShazo · Zach Nelson · Ava Stuemke · Phil DeShazo LOCATION  GPS – Lat: 37°7653589″N         Lon: 89°3256886″W DATE 2024 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966 #murphysboro   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL Terrorized by a creature […]

Oak Street Art area

Murphysboro | Oak Street Art | Jackson County

The Logan District Historical District around the Oak and 16th Street area. Murphysboro, IL  The Oak Street Art area is a collective of artists living and working in southern Illinois. Their mission is to nurture connections between art and our community through advocacy, education, and practice, with a vision is that art is for everyone, […]

Beautiful Morning in Murphysboro

Mural Youth and Rec Center | Murphysboro | Art Walk

on the south side of the Youth & Rec Center at Carl Lee Park (1818 Walnut Street)  ARTISTS Christine DeShazo · Sue Gindlesparger · Zach Nelson LOCATION GPS – Lat: 37°76483″N    Lon: 89°34335″W DATE  2023 SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS  #revitalize62966 #applecity62966 #paintthetown62966   THE STORY BEHIND THE MURAL The mural, “Beautiful Morning in Murphysboro,” was […]

The Douglass School Art Place

Murphysboro | Jackson County | Douglass School | Art Walk

900 Douglas Street Murphysboro, IL  (618) 687-3791   The Frederick Douglass School was Murphysboro Illinois’ segregated black elementary school from 1897-1966. Purchased in 1993 by art historian Gretel Chapman and glassblower Jan Thomas for development as an art place, “The Doug” offers studios for rent.  The Douglass Hot Shop opened with the new millennium in […]

John A. Logan Statue

Murphysboro | Art Walk | Logan

2125 Spruce Street Murphysboro, IL    This Logan piece is considered by some to be unofficially the smallest miscellaneous monument in the state. It is the only monument to a Civil War general that also honors his wife.   Facebook

Miranda’s Loom Fine Craft Studio and Gallery

Miranda's Loom | Murphysboro | Jackson County

1310 Walnut Street Murphysboro, Illinois Located at 1310 Walnut Street in Murphysboro, IL, Miranda’s Loom Fine Craft Studio & Gallery offers functional fine craft including fiber arts, pottery, turned wood, metals, jewelry, and more! The studio of Miranda’s Loom Handwovens is also on site. Miranda’s Loom is devoted to artful, mindful living by creating heirloom […]

Logan Gallery

Apple City Art Walk | Murphysboro | Jackson County

1618 Edith Street Murphysboro, Illinois   The Logan Gallery (by appointment and scheduled events).  The Oak Street Art group sponsors various activities here.  The General John A. Logan Museum provides the building space. Facebook


Apple City Art Walk | Murphysboro | Jackson County

South 16th Street (1/2 block south off Walnut Street) Murphysboro, Illinois   This Butterfly piece, designed to be a photo opportunity spot, provides a colorful backdrop of wings for portraits. Artist: Evelyn McElya (@eeveem99) Facebook