Daniel Harmon Brush

Daniel Harmon Brush Historical Marker in Jackson County.

The marker is located at the intersection of Main Street and Illinois Avenue (Rte. 51), Carbondale, IL.    On April 23, 1861, eleven days after Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, the cofounder of Carbondale, Daniel Harmon Brush, called a public meeting on this town square. Brush delivered a patriotic speech in support of the Union. […]

Carbondale College & Southern Illinois College

Carbondale College & Southern Illinois College historical marker.

The marker is located at the Public Safety Center, 501 South Washington Street, Carbondale, IL.   The evolution of Southern Illinois University began here in 1856 when Presbyterians founded Carbondale College. Suffering hardships during the Civil War, the College was sold to the First Christian Church in the mid-1860s and renamed Southern Illinois College. The existing […]

Jackson County Poor Farm Cemetery

Jackson County Poor Farm in Carbondale, IL

This cemetery was located on Autumn Point Road, Carbondale, IL.  The former county poor farm was later used as a nursing home and is now owned by Southern Illinois University. Burials are said to be in a grove behind the building. The building has since been torn down and completely removed. No markers of any […]

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery in Carbondale, IL

This cemetery is located at 1020 North Oakland Avenue Carbondale, IL.  Oakland Cemetery is one of the City of Carbondale’s two municipal cemeteries. Oakland Cemetery is on North Oakland Avenue and is a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained site. Facebook

Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery in Carbondale, IL

The cemetery is located at 405 E. Main Street, Carbondale IL.         Woodlawn Cemetery is a cemetery located at 405 E. Main Street in Carbondale, which is known for hosting one of the first Memorial Day celebrations in the United States. The cemetery was established in 1854, two years before the incorporation of Carbondale. Over […]