Giant City State Park – A Snap Shot

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke With the vast nature of the Shawnee National Forest spanning 289,000 acres across the most southern part of Illinois, Giant City State Park, located within SNF, is a great option for visitors looking for a self-contained park with a clear entrance and trails all within close proximity of one another. […]

Little Grand Canyon | 5 Tips Before You Go

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke One of the most advanced hikes we take as a family, Little Grand Canyon was admittedly intimidating the first time we did this trail a few years back. With that being said many of my fears were dispelled that first time and we have since found this to be our […]

Kayaking Cedar Lake

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke My first time kayaking was on vacation in Kauai and I remember thinking, while it was undeniably phenomenal the lush scenery was so similar to southern Illinois. Since that first paddle we have enjoyed many more right here in our region and each time are reminded that the very scenery […]

All the ways | Why you shouldn’t miss your next local art fair

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke Throughout southern illinois, and within every community across the country, art fairs are hosted in local parks, civic centers, and more. Some are well attended, some not so much. There are juried exhibits, those with vendor fees and those without. The novice and the trained. Those that call themselves artists, […]

Weekend at the Cave | Murphysboro, Illinois

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke With the Shawnee Cave Amphitheater recently announcing their 2023 Weekend at the Cave lineup, we headed to check out the venue and share more about what you can expect. Previously known as Saltpeter Cave, the amphitheater reopened in 2020 after almost a decade of closure. While we had heard bits […]

A Slow Sunday in Murphysboro, Illinois

Lindsay + Tim Stockhecke Southern Illinois is ripe for relaxation and Sundays, with many businesses and destination spots closed, provides a unique opportunity to visit the few open and available places. For us that included a slow day out in Murphysboro, Illinois with some key stops. Family-owned and operated for over fifty years, we […]

About in the Bottoms | Grand Tower, Illinois

Lindsay Stockhecke | Deliciously Ordinary With the earliest settlers being river pirates and legends of hauntings, you can feel the history of Grand Tower as you pull into town. As Devil’s Backbone (a half-mile strip of limestone that spans the eastern shore of the Mississippi River) stands behind you and the 100-foot-tall Tower Rock […]

Snake Road with the Snake Kid

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay Stockhecke Enjoying the Shawnee National Forest requires awareness and respect for your surroundings, including snakes. In 2022 the state of Illinois received its first State Snake designation courtesy of the efforts of a Murphysboro native, Gentry Heiple. It just so happens that this ambitious eighth grader is also our son […]

Welcoming Spring | Mcnitt Growers

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay Stockhecke Greeted with a warm welcome and an abundance of plants isn’t the worst first impression, and that was our introduction to Mcnitt Growers. Established in 1987, this family-run business located six miles south of Murphysboro Mainstreet, has expanded over the years to provide wholesale, retail, and the largest strawberry […]

Lunch-Spot Views | Kinkaid Spillway

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay Stockhecke A popular swimming spot in the summer, Kinkaid Lake Spillway is a stairstepping waterfall worth visiting any time of year. When the sun is absent, or when he starts to stop by. When the world feels heavy and lightness obsolete. Somehow nature finds a way to quiet it all […]