A Journey Through Hunzikers Greenhouse

Tucked away in this serene corner of Murphysboro, Il Hunzikers Greenhouse offers an enchanting escape into a world of vibrant colors and fragrant blooms. With two greenhouses, along with a charming cold tunnel they offer, annuals, perennials, fragrant herbs, flowers, and hanging baskets that overflow with botanical beauty. There’s something here to delight every garden […]

The Big Muddy River – A Brief History

Nestled within the landscape of Murphysboro, Illinois, flows the Big Muddy River, a river with rich heritage and history. Long before Murphysboro graced the maps, the Big Muddy River was a lifeline for early settlers. Known to the French as Rivière au Vase, its waters played a vital role in trade and exploration. In 1818, […]

Paint the Town Green: Murphysboro St. Patrick’s Celebration 2024

Get ready to celebrate a tradition that has been lighting up Murphysboro with Irish cheer since 1986! The Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce proudly presents the Murphysboro St. Patrick’s Celebration 2024, happening from March 14th to 17th! Dust off your green attire, gather your friends and family, and join us for a series of exciting events […]

Top 5️⃣ HIKES in Jackson County, Illinois!

Jackson County | Hikes | @caffeineuntilcocktails

Jessica Baine @caffeineuntilcocktails According to a mom who doesn’t hike very often! But seriously, I wanted to round up my favorite hikes that I think are semi-easy, kid-friendly, and have gorgeous views! @caffeineuntilcocktails #JacksonCountyIL @SouthernIllinoisTourism

Oak Street Art area

Murphysboro | Oak Street Art | Jackson County

The Logan District Historical District around the Oak and 16th Street area. Murphysboro, IL  The Oak Street Art area is a collective of artists living and working in southern Illinois. Their mission is to nurture connections between art and our community through advocacy, education, and practice, with a vision is that art is for everyone, […]

Murphysboro’s Small Town Scoop dishes out relief from the heat

Murphysboro | Small Town Scoop | Jackson County

Les O’Dell The Southern Aug 24, 2023 Mandy Pfeaster might be the only person in Southern Illinois who actually likes the hot weather of recent weeks. No one can blame her. After all, it is good for business – the ice cream business. “Summer is definitely my favorite,” said the owner of Small Town Scoop, […]

Block Party

Brews Brothers | Murphysboro | Jackson County

The 2024 Block Parties kick off at Brews Brothers!

Shawnee Cave Total Eclipse Festival

Shawnee Cave | Murphysboro | Jackson County

April 5-8, 2024 Shawnee Cave Total Eclipse Festival. We are excited for you to join us and hang out at our picturesque landmark with your cave family and experience this exceptionally rare celestial event. Shawnee Cave Amphitheater is on the path of totality with an over 4 minute duration. Our event will start on Friday […]