Top 5️⃣ HIKES in Jackson County, Illinois!

Jessica Baine @caffeineuntilcocktails

According to a mom who doesn’t hike very often! But seriously, I wanted to round up my favorite hikes that I think are semi-easy, kid-friendly, and have gorgeous views!

  1. La Rue—Pine Hill is down in the “bottoms” and about an hour’s drive from @cityofcarbondalegovt, but the views are insanely gorgeous!
  2. Cove Hollow Trail can range from 1-3 miles. It’s long and flat but gorgeous!
  3. Pomona Bridge is an easy, peasy hike of less than 0.5 miles to see nature’s beauty at its finest!
  4. Little Grand Canyon is a much longer hike than most, but it is so beautiful! If going to the overlook, it’s about 3 miles round trip! But if you decide to head down, it becomes a much rougher terrain!
  5. Trillium Trail @giantcitystatepark is approximately a 1.2-mile loop. There is a brief steep section but doable! I would take my five-year-old on this hike! Also, a plus, it’s located about 10 minutes from @thisissiu 🐾

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