Welcoming Spring | Mcnitt Growers

Deliciously Ordinary | Lindsay Stockhecke


Greeted with a warm welcome and an abundance of plants isn’t the worst first impression, and that was our introduction to Mcnitt Growers. Established in 1987, this family-run business located six miles south of Murphysboro Mainstreet, has expanded over the years to provide wholesale, retail, and the largest strawberry plug plant business in Illinois.

Having never visited before we went in blind, interested in learning about it once we arrived. Martin, the original owner, shared a bit about the history of the farm, their family legacy and the evolution from orchard to plant nursery business. While we anticipated purchasing plants, we were there to experience something new, something integral to the area, and as Martin shared their story we got just that.

While walking the different tunnels and nurseries we were witness to the many hands tending the seedlings and new life, something built and continuously cultivated by people with a vision and those committed to this dream. There wasn’t a dehydrated leaf in sight. I found myself mesmerized by the perfect little lines; rows created with purpose and allowing for optimum growth.

Their offerings were extensive, spanning over an acre and allowing for a leisurely time strolling the aisles, gently feeling the petals, and choosing the perfect plants to take home. They have a variety of annuals in flats, 4″ and 5″ pots, and hanging baskets. With obvious signage, ample parking, impressively healthy plants, and easy checkout the entire experience was top-notch.

Located a hop, skip and a jump away, Cove Hollow and Pomona Natural Bridge are great spring additions for an outing in this area.

They do sell out so be sure to give them a follow to get the most up-to-date information about hours of operation and plant offerings.

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